Ultimate File Manager 5.5 Activated  |  300 MB

Ultimate File Manager

  An advanced tool with free and proper apps that developers have carefully selected. UFM’s goal is to create the best environment for throwing your favorite apps in one place. The main application in this program is Total Commander File Manager, which works like Multi Commander. This software allows you to manage all files and applications in the most convenient way possible. This software is well-configured and can be easily used. You will be able to run portable programs in your system using this software.With the app manager, this app will be able to manage your apps. Find the most popular plugins in this app. New options and features are added to the main menu of the app and you can make new settings. You will have access to your basic folders and you can view their content at any time. It is possible to paint names of files based on their type, and various search patterns are designed to find the types of files. You can sync this software with windows explorer.

Ultimate File Manager features

– Panties for use

– Has the most popular plugins

– View system-critical files

– Default ignore file list

– New features and options for use

– Create desktop shorts

– Manage application apps



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Ultimate File Manager 5.5 Activated | 300 MB

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