Rohos Logon Key 4.5 + Keys

Rohos Logon Key
 Maybe you’ve also seen software that only works with hardware locks that are flash disks and without them you wouldn’t be able to access the program. In this post we have prepared software for you that will do exactly that on your Windows and without your flash drive no one will be able to access your Windows. Complete your computer security with Rohos Logon Key software.The user needs to use a USB memory in addition to installing the software in the system to use the features of this software. You lock your system using your USB Flash software and you need to connect your Usb Flash to the system every time you run the operating system and access the information. In fact, your USB storage is the key to your computer’s security. The way this software works is that after installing the program and connecting USB Flash to your system within the program using a key you create a security key on your flash memory to reboot the operating system at the time Request that encrypted key, introduce the key to the program by connecting usb flash to your usb port. That way, you’ll only have access to your system with the USB storage you want.

Features of Rohos Logon Key

– Replace password is weak , according to the system with a key hardware USB

– Great password without having to remember it

– Login with a USB key, fully automatic and fast!

– The password system is fully protected

– USB key based access restriction

– Windows is protected even in Sfe Mod mode



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Rohos Logon Key 4.5 + Keys

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