Hi folks, this is a download from the net Im re-posting with complete credit to the source – the geniuses at
crackingpatching.com who give us this patched copy of Noteburner software which safely removes DRM
protection (nuisance which shouldn’t be there in the first place under fair play ideals I say!)

In a recent test I found only this and another software offering called ukeysoft DRM remover were the ones
that worked. I have preferred using iskysoft video converter for this up to now as they nicely allow you
to specify video resolution specs of the converted file along with an imperfect list of bitrates to pick from
– cant for the life of me understand why they don’t allow custom bitrates as any sane designer should
I say (I used to design software myself and programmed database applications using foxpro in the old days
– otherwise I do get a lot out of using iskysoft in video conversions where it is still very much useful despite
this main limitation) I do hope iskysoft is working for video DRM removal once more as it is nicer to use
and we do have a licenced paid copy of it which we bought and paid for from them.

You can also download:   Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.30 Build 10 + Crack + Patch + Repack + Portable

The only caveat I should add is that Noteburner software crashed when we first tried it and only worked
after we followed the advice given by DVDFAB DRM remover software which suggests that only Itunes
software downloaded from the Apple site should be employed on your computer rather than the Microsoft
version. This turned out to be true with Noteburner software and I emailed them to say so, as their program
shouldn’t have crashed when they could have just told you what the problem was – just as DVDFAB tells you
which a nicer way to go in user friendliness I say.

By the way amazon tends to give out much better video and audio quality on their video downloads
by comparison to Apple itunes I have found however itunes downloads are more widely available
everywhere it seems while amazon at the present time seems to restrict your downloads to whats
available from your amazon local site  while most of the best stuff has been at amazon.com where
you are often unable to purchase without using a US based credit card issued to you at a with US
address it seems. Hopefully we’ll see this improve.

Thanks for seeding and to the source provider of this patched software
that normally sells for fifty US – too much for many I think at the moment
no doubt

You can also download:   USB Drivers all phones v8.0 Unlocked

Michael Rizzo Chessman



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Noteburner video converter – Remove DRM + Patch

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