IsoBuster Pro 4.4 Build + Crack   |  24 MB


 The name of the powerful software is countless. Which can be referred to as copyrighted CDs and DVDs, scratched and locked . Another important feature of this software is when you’ve burned information with your Nero software on your CD and after this information has disappeared, you can easily disappear using this software. Get yourself back.

Perhaps you also have to store important information such as software, movies and photos on a CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD, but because the world of CD scratches … Being saddened for being unusable! Well, the solution here is IsoBuster software with this software, in addition to recovering damaged data, you can also be safe from bulk and character lock and easily burn them. The great functionality added to this software version supports dvd and generally CD, DVD, BD, HD DVD.

Key features of IsoBuster software

– Ability to read and extract image types from CDs and DVDs and TRACKs 
– Ability to scan lost UDF files and folders 
– Scan files based on their specific markers 
– Scan lost files with ISO9660 / joliet standard 
– Scan file types IFO / BUD / VOB systems on audio and video DVDs 
– Read and extract data from open sessions 
– Find lost files during drag-drop operations 
– Supports udf1 / 02 and udf files 1/5, udf 2/5, udf 2/5 and more … 
– Support for Mount Rainer CDs and DVDs 
– Automatically find files that have been deleted due to Folder Removal Operations 
– Support for CDs that are on very large drives Old Assembled 
– Read HSF and HSFT files that are MAC operating system files
– Superior file system coverage and multiple methods to use them all 
– Read information and contents of system files 
– Ability to scan CD and DVD surfaces to detect physical errors 
– Sector inspection, checking its contents in the IsoBuster editor, and the ability to print. It supports the 
ability to create image and bin files, and iso, ibq and cue 
. Audio file share function via analog output 
. Supports 42 languages, including Persian language 
. Supports DVD-VFR discs and automatic detection of VOB / BUP files. / 1Fo 
– automatic identification of 2-megabyte files and image files stopped 
– Mounting executable files 
– to Outsourcing retries the last file size observed 
– Advanced display the time and date in the menu listing and configurable by the user
– Compatible with different versions of Windows 

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IsoBuster Pro 4.4 Build + Crack   |  24 MB



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IsoBuster Pro 4.4 Build + Crack | 24 MB

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