BluFab DVDFab 9.2 -A new version of an excellent program has been released, which is able, for example, to create full copies of your DVD media, you can transfer the full menu, soundtracks, subtitles, additional materials, all kinds of videos and so on to your hard drive, or you can just transfer only a movie and nothing more . You can also specify the size of the desired video file, for example, it can fit on one or more blanks, and the big plus of the development is that it can safely remove any kind of protection on media, in full news you can download BluFab / DVDFab from our project .
As you can see from the screenshot, you get additional features, for example, you can simply convert video formats among themselves, while indicating a rather large number of options, for example, quality, codec, and so on. Of course, BluFab / DVDFab has support for working with Blu-ray media, you can convert them to DVD, burn your own media, make a full copy of these discs, you can work with 3D Blu-Ray.
The interface is very simple and functional, on the left in the menu interface, we click on them and perform all the necessary operations, you can add files simply by dragging them into the main window, to the account of Russian support, as it were, but when I select it for some reason The Chinese language is displayed, I do not know what the error is, I hope the problem will be fixed. BluFab / DVDFab is a huge success for users who need to transfer the movie to the hard drive, because the program actually copes with various kinds of protection.

Developer: Fengtao Software Inc
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi + Russian
Size: 161 + 172 + 204 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.



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