Drive SnapShot + x64 With this small utility in your hands will be a powerful tool for creating full copies of hard drives. You will be able to create an exact copy of your chosen hard drive or its separate partition, and you won’t need to restart your personal computer, try downloading Drive SnapShot, I think you won’t regret it. Please note that the utility is able to create disk images while working in the background, without interfering with the main work on the computer. This will be especially liked by users whose machines work 24 hours a day without rest, you will always have important data under safety and you will no longer have to worry about failures. 
After starting up, Drive SnapShot will be able to create a virtual disk, it will contain all the data that you must specify, after which you can already use and compare, as well as restore these files, the file image of the system will be directly used for this. Naturally, the utility can work with different file systems, I think it makes no sense to list them, everything is standard here and nothing new. If you need Drive SnapShot to work as scheduled, the program will use the Sheduler application from the Windows operating system for this. 
So, it’s a plus to work in the background, so you can perform any tasks on your computer while creating the image, Drive SnapShot uses advanced technologies to create backups, and it is also very easy to restore both files and directories. It is worth noting that you can use any file manager to work with virtual disks, in case of data loss you can completely restore the disk, if you want to restore the system partition then you need to do this from under DOS, from under Windows you can restore the remaining partitions. 
It remains to note the appearance of Drive SnapShot. It is as simple as possible, there is nothing bright, there are not a large number of buttons, there are not a huge number of options and settings. After starting up, you will see a small window in it, several buttons in it, click on the desired one and perform operations, get the result and enjoy. There is no Russian support in Drive SnapShot, it certainly does not please, but in general everything is quite convenient, I hope the utility is useful to you! 

Developer: Tom Ehlert Software 
License: ShareWare 
Language: English 
Size: 5 MB 
OS: Windows 

How to Install: 
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed. 
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy. 



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