Document Scanner & PDF Generator v1.1.0 [Premium] Apk   |   24.3 MB

If you want to carry all your important documents within your mobile, this app is best for you. 
With a very simple UI and features, a handy app which will turn out to be very helpful in your daily life. 
You can store your important documents like
– Driving license
– ID Proofs 
– Insurance Policy
– Important Contracts
– Important Notes

The app allows you to click picture of your document or import image from mobile gallery. After that you need to crop the document with smart cropping tool available in the app. Smart cropping automatically detects text so you don’t need to do hard work placing the cropping points on the image. 
After Cropping edit your document image with editor tool with features like brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation and hue.

All your saved document will be displayed on the 1st page of the app. You can edit, rename, delete or share these documents from here. 

Hidden features of the app :
– You can convert all the saved documents into PDF and share in PDF form. 
– You can merge documents into single pdf file. For merging long press 1st document to be merged then select the other documents (from the 1st page of the app), click on merge icon from top right corner. Your documents will be merged into pdf.



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Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!



Document Scanner & PDF Generator v1.1.0 [Premium] Apk | 24.3 MB

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