CrossOver 17.0.0 + Crack



– CrossOver 17.0.0 | 524 MB –


Introduction :

Tested on the current release of:

* Ubuntu

* Mint

* Fedora

* Debian

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)


CrossOver should also work on any distribution of Linux that meets the other requirements listed on this page. However, we do not guarantee that we will be able to test and therefore provide quality support for any other distribution.


python >= 2.6

gtk2 >= 2.24

python-gtk2 >= 2.24 with XRender and GLX support

200 MB of free disk space and space for installed applications



How to use: repcace the content of Crack dir to /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/


Always supports the developers if you can.

Features :


What is New :


Instructions :

  1. Use Instructions.txt for installing, Step by Step
  2. Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It! .


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How to Extract zip file ???

if can’t to extract use  WinRAR 5.50 for Linux
If there is a deleted file (Not Found or Error 404) and if need help,
Please let me know, I Resolved and works properly
Do not forget to share like and support always !!!
Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

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CrossOver 17.0.0 + Crack

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27 thoughts on “CrossOver 17.0.0 + Crack

  1. This works. The password is also correct. I’m able to install this in Ubuntu 18.04. I will buy this software to support developers since that this new version able to install my Office 2016.

  2. If you are on Linux (like me, which I am on Fedora), use the “7z” command to unzip, not the “unzip” command because there are files that were compressed in sucha way unzip gives error when trying to extract.

    # Go to the directory where the Crossover’s zip is… then:

    7z x “CO 17.0.0 + Crack for Linux –”

    1. Проще скачать отдельно пакет rpm и отдельно крекнутую библиотеку установить пакет и заменить библиотеку. Вообще в ближайшие выходные постараюсь собрать готовый пакет из офиц. пакета и крекнутой библиотеки . Странно как это ещё не кому не пришло в голову ? Макер`ы что-ли перевелись ? 🙁

  3. the youtube video was removed. Which do I replace? There is



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