Bitsum CPUBalance Pro + Activator   |  20 MB

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro

  A low-volume software that uses probe technology to monitor the system and prevent applications that want to capture the entire processor. You can run this application independently or with Process Lasso. This application monitors the processes that are running your system and finds the most inactive applications. Installing this app is fast and even for novice users. This application will enter your systray, but it will hide and do not attract attention. Additionally, it is automatically added to the startup to automatically activate each time Windows is turned on. You can create your own custom limits in this application so that the rest can be done automatically for you.With Bitsum CPUBalance Pro you will find a better understanding of your high-end applications. To prevent an application from disrupting your system’s priorities, you can add it to the exclusion list. In addition, you are able to output a log of this software, which includes the activities that Bitsum CPUBalance Pro has done on your system; this information is provided in great detail.

Features of Bitsum CPUBalance Pro

– Add Halloween Limit to Programs

– System Speed ​​Enhancer

– Proper control of Windows processes

– Added app icon to systray

– A friendly and simple interface

– Automatic startup by running Windows

– Low consumption of system resources



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Bitsum CPUBalance Pro + Activator | 20 MB

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