Astronomy Stellarium 0.19.11     |  486 MB

Astrology or astronomy is the
 science of heavenly objects (such as stars, planets, comets, galaxies, and phenomena that originate outside the Earth’s atmosphere (such as the Aurora phenomenon and the background radiation of space). This field deals with disciplines such as physics, chemistry and Physics is closely related and also closely related to the field of physical physics (the emergence and evolution of the universe). Astronomy is one of the earliest sciences. Astronomers in the early civilizations looked carefully at the night sky, and simple astronomy tools were known from the beginning With the invention of the telescope, It was created and the new astronomy era began, with the development of technology and its introduction into the world of astronomy, a great transformation was created in that many astronomical software was introduced over the years, but the enthusiasts This field is for working with this kind of softwareAnd even access to them has always been a problem. The Stellarium software provides access to the sky, planets, and circuits by providing the necessary facilities and creating an appropriate environment. This software is completely free and equally suitable for similar software and also supports Persian language. You can now get the latest version of this software from the Youtube Hosting site.

Stellarium software features

-Goody Database contains 120/000 star types and detailed specifications of each

– Drawings of 88 constellations with their names

– Mythological figures from 88 constellations

– Realistic Milky Way Galaxy

– Skinable landscape (land, fog, mapping of fisheye images)

– Super fast and realistic atmosphere (sunset, sunrise and …)

– Automatic matching of eyes to sky light using a physiological model

– The coordinates of the equator and the circle of the ecliptic

– A powerful zoom to see the planet and nebula like a telescope

– Graphical menu with ease of use

– Fullscreen mode



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Astronomy Stellarium 0.19.11 | 486 MB

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