Ashampoo Photo Converter

  It is a versatile software that lets you edit your images, and change your entire collection with one click. This app is very compact and will download less than 15 MB of internet traffic. The speed of this software is high. There is no glitter interface that can slow it down and you can get your work done in seconds. It is possible to convert images, align, resize, or adjust their color. No more expensive photo editing tools. With this program you can edit your entire collection at the same time. There is no need for trial and error. This live preview app shows you where you can decide whether to export your image. This software gives you complex parameters such as color temperature, concentration and hue to create your own customized images. Exif data is automatically filled. With this data, it is easier to search and find your images. If you’re looking for an app to get things done in the fastest time, Ashampoo Photo Converter is one of your best choices.

Characteristics of software Ashampoo Photo Converter

– High speed in working with a set of images

– Adjust the color concentration and temperature

– Automatic filing of exif data

– Optimize photos significantly

– Convert images to custom format

– Ability to work on group images

– Add artistic effects to photos

– Friendly and straightforward interface



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