Ashampoo PDF Pro 2.03 + Patch    |  304 MB

Ashampoo PDF Pro is the complete solution to manage and edit your PDF documents. The program has everything you need to create, convert, edit, merge and protect your PDFs. Create perfectly sized documents that are readable on any device and use encryption to protect your property when needed. Your PDFs are now as easily editable as Word documents! 
Create and edit interactive forms 
Compare two PDFs side by side 
New snapshot function for perfect PDF screenshots 
Edit open images in place with external image editor 
Legally valid Bates numbering 
Find and replace colors throughout documents 
Split up PDFs into smaller documents with custom number of pages 
Supports PDF 1.4 for backwards compatibility 
New and simplified text formatting dialog 
New window for quick access to letter, line and paragraph settings 
Replace document fonts for easier file exchange with other PDF programs 
IMore meaningful toolbar icons 
Single unified editing mode instead of “View”, “Comment” and “Edit” 
New menu structure for unmatched ease of use 
New toolbar with the most recently used page operations 
New auto-repair feature 

Create interactive forms 
Ashampoo PDF Pro is not only ideal to fill out forms but also to create and edit your own. It takes only a few clicks to add interactive elements, like selection lists, checkboxes or input fields, to your PDF form. These forms can then easily be filled out by anyone using a standard PDF reader. 

Compare PDFs 
The side-by-side view is genuine highlight of Ashampoo PDF Pro and allows you to quickly compare two PDF documents with synchronized scrolling. This feature is especially handy during translations or while browsing through document revisions of the same file. A single click will reveal even the smallest of changes! 

Create snapshots 
Would you like to capture parts of your document as image files? You got it! The new screenshot tool can capture any portion of your document quickly and easily with custom formats, resolutions and color depths, including alpha channel support. Simply capture the parts that really matter to you! 



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Ashampoo PDF Pro 2.03 + Patch | 304 MB

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