Ashampoo ActionCam

  There are always scenes that do not have the necessary quality. These scenes may be caused by various conditions, such as hand shake during filming. This software has been developed to solve such problems. Even if you capture video from moving objects, this app helps you give your videos a seamless, realistic look, in the highest quality possible. Ashampoo ActionCam includes a set of camera profiles such as the GoPro line that give realistic distortion-free visual effects. You can improve the quality of your video by optimizing color and contrast. With a few clicks, your images will look more appealing and realistic. You can use white balance to make your videos warmer or colder. It is possible to adjust the video light. No matter what the source of your videos, the optimization feature works on all types of videos and creates stunning visual effects. You will be able to rotate your videos. It is possible to add text to video files. This software is fully reliable for video distortion correction.

Characteristics of software Ashampoo ActionCam

– Video distortion correction

– Fixed opaque videos problem

– Increase the clarity of the videos

– Operate automatically

– White balance

– Improve colors and their quality

– Create special effects

– Add text to videos



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