Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.2.52 + Patch

Download Apeaksoft Screen Recorder A program to record video from the screenAnd with the Windows environment these videos can be very useful in the educational field. With this program you can also record sound on your video. The tools in this program will help you in making video from the screen. You can use this app to make video calls via webcam or record video from online streams or record video games and create video conferencing or online video conversations. You can also adjust the video and audio output quality and settings while recording a video, depending on your needs. Before saving you can preview the recorded video to save or have a problem if you wish. Fix it. You can also specify the part of the screen you want to be in the video in the program to have the entire screen or part of the screen in the video capture box.Download Icecream Screen Recorder and Download Screen Recorder Studio Pro are other useful applications in shooting and screen shooting .

Key Features of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Software

– Ability to create educational video , gameplay video, online conferencing and more …

– Supports various video formats for storage

– Ability to adjust the video quality and bitrate

– Ability to record audio on video

– Ability to preview recorded videos before saving

– Support for different languages

– Ability to take a screenshot of the screen

– Specify the range of the screen for video recording or screenshot

– And….



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Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.2.52 + Patch

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