Adobe CC 2019-2020 GenP – Universal Patch v2.2

Adobe CC GenP is Adobe product’s universal patch which can activate almost every product of Adobe Creative Cloud 2019/2020.

The following products can be activated:

  • After After Effects CC;
  • Adobe Animate CC;
  • Adobe Audition CC;
  • Adobe Bridge CC;
  • Adobe Character Animator CC;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC;
  • Adobe Illustrator CC;
  • Adobe InCopy CC;
  • Adobe InDesign CC;
  • Adobe Lightroom CC;
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC;
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC;
  • Adobe Photoshop CC;
  • Adobe Prelude CC;
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC;
  • Adobe Premiere Rush CC;
  • Adobe Acrobat DC;
  • Adobe Dimension CC;
  • Adobe XD CC;
  • Adobe Muse CC;
  • Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64-bit);
  • Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015;
  • Adobe Creative Cloud and Home Screen Fix.

Instructions on how to use:

  1. Turn off all anti-virus software before activation to prevent patch deletion and failure of activation procedure;
  2. After installing the Adobe software, run the patch to activate the software (Open “RunMe.exe”);
  3. Click on the software icon to crack the Adobe product;
  4. Click the “Analyze” button (second button from the left in the last row – Magnifier/loupe icon);
    • For instance: to crack the Adobe Premiere, click on the third icon in the fourth row and the patch will automatically find the software’s local directory with the registration .dll file;
  5. Click the “Patch” button to complete the activation procedure (third button from the left in the last row – Pill/medicine icon);
  6. Enjoy!


  • User can download all the Adobe apps by using Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • With the fourth button (Home icon) user can return on the front page, and start cracking other Adobe software again.
  • If Adobe software is installed in a different location (for instance non-C drive), use the “Custom Path” option to find the path with the relevant .dll file manually.
  • With the “Adobe_2019_Home_Screen_FIX_v2.5.exe”, user can modify and fix Home screen error (Displayed question). Mostly the patch works without this step.
  • For more information, click on the info button (first button from the left in the last row – letter i icon).




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Adobe CC 2019-2020 GenP – Universal Patch v2.2

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