– Secret Disk 4.05 + Patch | 1.11 MB –

With the Secret Disk , you can create a space on your hard drive, which can only be accessed by giving the password. Have you ever had information that you do not want to see them? This software is the solution for you. The space created by this software is invisible and hidden in Windows Explorer and you should not forget about it when you create space. This software creates a drive named Z for instance and you can open the drive when it’s built-in through the ramper. No matter how much and any kind of information you like, you can store, lock, and view your hard drive as hard as you can.

Software features of Secret Disk:

– Your hidden disk will only appear if you open this software and provide the correct password correctly.
– In the settings of this software you can choose which mode if someone wants to enter and find your hidden drive, you will be notified.
– Although this software can help you in hiding, but it is safe to say that the software itself is not normally hidden, and it may find its use and try to overcome it. !


Latest Version Available ???

Secret Disk 4.05 + Patch

Zuket Creation

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