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Introduction :

FlixGrab is a unique tool for downloading complete Netflix serials, TV programs, documentaries, music, and more with the fastest streaming. With this program you can take any movie from Netflix and view it offline. There will be no restrictions on your way. The user interface of this app is friendly and you can download videos of different quality and desirable. HD quality is also supported. Load your download list from a file. The best quality and audio language will be automatically selected for you. You can even prioritize your downloads and stop some. Managing files is simply done and everything you need to do is copy the links containing the Netflix video and paste it into the program.


FlixGrab software features:


– Easy file management

– Prioritize downloads

– Simple and friendly interface

– Ability to choose the desired quality for the movie

– Automatic recognition of the best sound and language.




FlixGrab + Crack (Update Available)

FlixGrab + Patch

Zuket Creation

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30 thoughts on “FlixGrab + Patch

  1. Thank you very much, I confirm that this crack works well! However, during the patch because my pc has considered this patch as a virus, so disable your antivirus or authorized this patch … and the cracked / patched version is indeed Flixgrab v. (the 1080p, the multidownload … are functional!)!

      1. Yeah ! 🙂
        But a new version v. is released, please can you update your crack and it will be perfect ! 😉
        Thank you for your attention !

  2. It comes up with a message that says ‘Your license has expired. Please purchase…’ when I click flixgrab. I also can’t intall the program without internet on first. There is also no box to uncheck the option for it to open automatically, it just runs.

  3. I knew I should’ve made a backup of version 1.0.5 when I had the chance… Now I’m back to using 1.0.3 until we get this patch for 1.1… :\ Really looking forward to this one though since it now supports subtitles.

  4. I think it rejected my comment with just a link, so sorry if re-posting.
    Just replace commas with periods.

        1. I think Zuket is saying that they need a paid version to compare to the free version to be able to make the crack/patch.

  5. babao, Chrome nor FireFox will let me download that… states that it’s malicious. Also, the comments on there state that it doesn’t work.

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